Advisor to National Governors Association Chairman’s Initiative on Youth Mental Health

Under Amy Kennedy’s leadership, The Kennedy Forum serves to advise New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on his National Governors Association Chair Initiative: Strengthening Youth Mental Health. As a former public school teacher, mother of five, and leader at The Kennedy Forum Amy is uniquely equipped to offer insights and solutions to tackle our national youth mental health crisis.

Amy’s leadership

Under Amy’s leadership The Kennedy Forum
recommends youth mental health policies including but not limited to…

  • Introducing effective tools and creating accessible pathways for families, parents, and youth to understand and participate in their mental health care
    • Implementing standards for K-12 mental health education and building capacity for mental health literacy for youth and their families
  • Maximizing access and capacity of school-based and school-linked mental health services and supports
    • Building in-school capacity through school-based providers and peer support
    • Building community capacity through school-linked mental health services, partnerships with community providers, and telehealth services
    • Improving ratios of school mental health professionals such as school psychologists and social workers
    • Maximizing Medicaid coverage of school services (Free Care Rule Reversal)
    • Creating comprehensive and accessible youth-specific crisis supports in schools, homes and community settings, including:
          • Youth mobile crisis response teams
          • Youth-specific crisis stabilization to reduce emergency department overcapacity issues
          • Coordination between schools, juvenile justice and crisis/intensive mental health
          • Public education about 988 and crisis services
  • Promoting supportive school environments that end disparities in suspensions, exclusions, and incidence of bullying
  • Integrating mental health and substance use care into primary care for children and adolescents
      • Examining provider rates to support integration of care
      • Reviewing contract requirements in Medicaid

Find Amy’s full slate of youth mental health policy
 recommendations here.

Find Amy’s youth mental health policy
 recommendations that intersect with maternal
 mental health here.

Amy’s work in youth mental health

Coming soon: Amy Kennedy shares at National Governor’s Association in Philadelphia (May 2023)

January 24, 2023: Amy Kennedy attended National Governor’s Association on the youth mental health initiative.

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October 18, 2022: Amy Kennedy shares insight on prevention and resilience pillar at the National Governor’s Association in Utah. See more here.

July 21, 2022: Amy Kennedy to advise on Governor Murphy’s NGA Chair Initiative. Read more here.

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